Clique Collaboration is a list of tasks completed by team members once a week. Normally, Clique Collaboration is divided into 3 stages. When a Clique reaches the required goal of the stage, Clique members will receive the corresponding rewards;
The team needs at least 5 people to start the weekly Clique Collaboration;
There are various types of tasks. When a Clique member follows the request and finishes a task, their contribution will be added to the Clique's score and the progress bar will increase. Their individual contribution will be calculated too.

Clique members can only claim the collaboration rewards when they have contributed to the Clique Collaboration.

Clique members who have not provided any contributions before other members have completed all their tasks will not be able to participate in the current Clique Collaboration.

Clique Collaborations will be refreshed at PST 00:00 every Monday.